It’s been a mammoth week for CyanogenMod and the team that are now officially out of the Pacific North West as a company. There’s that, and there’s also been heaps of other cool stuff, like the Cyanogen edition of the Oppo N1 announced, which will also be great to see after its eventual release.

Today the team announced the stable build for the CyanogenMod 10.1.3, which can be downloaded now at will.

In a nutshell, that basically means that no matter what Android device you are using, this will be able to be run off of it. The official announcement was made by the team themselves via their new website.

Whilst it is true that it will eventually be ready to go for all devices, that isn’t necessarily the case right away, however. You will have to go and check which mobiles and tablets it is currently ready to be downloaded for. The list is sure to not include absolutely all of them from day one. However, as time goes on it will cover them all.

The new 10.0.3 build has the added account functionality which was a big hit when released with the nightlies of 10.0.2.