Much to many peoples dismay, the Moto X was to be only sold in the U.S.A. The newly formed partnership between Motorola and Google then informed the world: don’t worry, we’ll be creating something else just around the corner for the rest of you guys. Immediately hearts sank, and rightfully so, because most immediately knew this would mean a chopped down version that will never quite be the same.

Regardless of your views, there has been no word on what this new mobile will be called, what it will have in terms of features, or when it will be able to be purchased from the fans around the world.

Today Motorola announced that the new mobile will be called the Motorola DVX and is officially being labelled as the poor mans Moto X.

For debatable reasons, the Moto X was being manufactured in the United States. This means higher production costs and an eventual result of them decides to not ship it out overseas.

If you are one of the people over the pond who has been waiting for this announcement, it’s hard not to be a little displeased. The reason being is because not only is it lower on specs, but than entire device looks different when compared to that of its counterpart — the Moto X.

The good news is that it — much like the X version — will also be highly customizable. Buyers will have the choice of at least four different back plate color options, with potentially more on offer soon. All we are seeing are leaks and not real things being revealed from the company themselves. That gives us optimism that more is on the way.

The DVX design is reported to be slightly flatter in shape. It will also be cheaper and is considered an entry level phone. Android and expected to officially announce the new smart phone soon.

Currently sources can only confirm a green, pink, black and white backplate, however, we would be highly surprised if they left it at that. Two of those are shades for starters and the other two colors are very few people cups of tea so to speak.