One of the first things the CyanogenMod team announced after becoming a company and CyanogenMod INC was the new CyanogenMod installer. This installer was an idea the CM team wanted to push out to the public that would give users an easier way of using the custom recovery service — making it more of an official tool.

So far so good with the installer which is now well into its beta stages and basically able to be used without any majour hassles at all.

What platforms can I use it on?

The new installer is fully compatible with Windows and Android; coming as an app for both.

Will it ever become available for Mac?

Yes, the team has made it clear they do plan on bringing out a Mac version. So far they have only completed the Windows one for PC’s and the other for Android mobile.

How much memory does it use up?

It uses absolute minimal memory space, taking up just over 100KB. This is subject to change, however, once it becomes a final build. It’s important to remember we are still in the beta stages.

How do I use it?

Download the app for your Android and then follow the simple instructions that will be presented to you. It is very quick to use.

Are there any problems?

As with all things in beta there has been some developers reporting certain implications mainly to do with the driver side of things.

When can we expect a full release?

The date is currently not set, but it shouldn’t be too long before it is a finished product and an official release. The CM team will want it near perfect when they do release it, so it’s no surprise they are holding back. Having said that, the issues are small and it ran near flawless already.