Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be interested to know that they can now download a simple mirror file which will then give you access to the stock HD wallpaper for the mobile. Usually when it comes to picking up wallpapers you don’t already have, you might just go to Google images or even search for a site which has the actual wallpaper on it that you will then save. We even have heaps of those pages here ourselves.

But now there is a new way you can get it done and it should also be the preferred way; it’s simpler and gives you the perfect resolution for what you want. You can also store them in your device now and then swap them over whenever you see fit. There’s really no reason not to do it this way, it’s just that it isn’t always available to do. Hopefully this is the start of a new beginning for wallpaper trends.

If there’s one problem which may arise from doing it like this, it’s that you don’t get a good look at what you’re actually downloading unless you already know what the stock wallpapers look like. We can counter strike that with giving you all of the main goodies in the image of this post. The ones you see there will indeed be found inside the download file after you do it.

All of the collection will come to you in full HD.

Galaxy_Note 3 HD StockWallpapers.zip