When one platform has a full on firmware release all of the others are watching. And just because you happen to be on one particular platform doesn’t mean you can’t like certain things from the other one.

Take iOS 7 for instance — the latest and arguably the greatest thing to come out of Cupertino since the beginning of firmware releases. Unless an Android owner goes out and buys an iPhone or any other iDevice, it just isn’t normally possible to try it out.

Thanks to the developers, Android users can now get to try out all the great things iOS 7 brings with the helping hand from unofficial apps. Have you ever heard of the phrase “there’s an app for that?”.

The downside is that there isn’t one app that will bring you everything you want. Instead, you will have to download several apps that all specialize in one certain area. There’s one for the lock screen, one for the home screen and one for the notification center. There’s even more apps out there that will do other things to give an absolute iOS 7 feel, such as the control center and quick control, however, simply combining these three things is all you really need to give it a quick trial.

To get the lock-screen there is the iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD.

For the launcher you want the Espier Launcher iOS7.

iNoty will give you the notification center.

It’s important to note that these are just some of the apps available and by no means represent all of the apps. We know for certain that there are alternatives for every single one of them. Moreover, just because we didn’t mention the others doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy, or that they aren’t any good, because they might be. These are simply the ones we liked best for the occasion.