Whether you think smart glasses will be successful or not is debatable. If you are sitting in a close group of geeky friends, they can make you think the Hollywood tech movies are going to be a reality within a year. While that could be created, what we seem to forget is that the world may not want that. However, if you step back a minute and take on an outsiders opinion, its not uncommon to hear expectations of a complete fizzle. Many people don’t want technology covering their real visions; they don’t want the world to be tech, they simply want nature and the normal human body. That in itself could be a great reason why mobile phones have such a great future — they connect people and offer the tech, but you can also put them away in your pocket whenever you please and live normally again.

Regardless of your current take on the situation, you can’t argue that Google is leading the way in the smart glass industry with the Google Glass. That isn’t to say that it won’t — and already doesn’t — have its own competitors jumping at the opportunity.

Meet the ION smart glass, the glass which delivers a few fantastic smart features all by itself and they even manage to relate and incorporate the mobile phone into their ideas.

Instead of using a screen like the Google version, ION gives off an LED light notification system that will notify you of when you have missed a call and/or received any messages to your mobiles Inbox. It also keeps track of your emails and, of course, social media updates.

Granted, not everybody in the world will find these useless and to be frank, we are expecting a limited market. However, ION certainly think there is a market for these.

If there was one reason why we thought they might stand a chance it is the style of these puppies. They look trendy enough to be a hit, at least for a little while. Their ad campaigns look nice also.