We called it way back in May, Lenovo smart phones would be leaving the native China and taking on the likes of the USA. Now it has been confirmed that Lenovo mobiles will be going international with their latest high end efforts — the Vibe series.

Many of you might not currently know this. But Lenovo is actually the second biggest Chinese manufacturer of mobile phones as it currently stands. Furthermore, they are the current owners of the fourth in world wide rankings pecking order. They were big players in the markets 2 years ago, but have since dropped off. That is something you certainly don’t want to do if you plan on staying relevant in the years ahead, because the mobile phone space is seeming to be so important to everyone.

The new phone that has been confirmed to be heading west is the Vibe Z. You can see the Vibe Z captured in the image in this post and also note that you are looking at a top of the range phone that is to be viewed as the successor to the K900.

The phone — or phablet because it is so large — will have a screen 1080p and 5.5-inch. That is all pure screen too, because there are no keys on this one at all. The chipset inside will be of the  2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 varieties, which is currently the best of the best.

The Vibe X is considered to be the lesser of the two devices and it will start off in China only. As time goes on it is expected to then be released in parts around the western and southern hemisphere. China can expect to see this one on the 20th of October. However, there is no current time given for its eventual international release.

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