Nano SIM cards will be features inside of the new Nexus 5 devices, which are soon to be released.

Nano SIM’s are the fourth adaptation of the SIM card slot. They are different from its predecessors — Micro SIM — because they are smaller. Traditionally, each name that comes out is given a new name because the card is now smaller than the last one. On top of that, it still managed to hold onto the same amount of data.

What’s really impressive, isn’t just the size of these ones, but also the way it works. They generally pop in and out, rather than being really awkward to try and insert and take out. If you go back to a second generation iPhone, it was hard taking the lid off the area without breaking it to bits. The way they tend to pop out now is reminiscent of a full blown computer drive. That’s as far as those similarities go, however, because these new SIM’s are obviously a hell of a lot smaller in size.

Mobile phones have been able to incorporate this type of SIM for a while now, but there isn’t always room for it. Even though the card itself is smaller, the area inside of the device to make way for this technology is needed to be bigger. On the devices it is on already it generally sits on the side of the phone. It’s for this reason that the Apple iPhone still chooses to stay away from it. Android on the other hand, seem to be making the effort to clear the way for the new technology.

The Nexus 5 was also rumored to be the first mobile to carry the brand new Android KitKat 4.4 with it. If both of these hold up as true, the nexus 5 will be a well sought after phone for Android.


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