There’s no shortage of messenger services on mobile phones in today’s world, but yet they continue to make them. That’s about the gist of this one when trying to sum up what we have here. It mainly gets advertised as a video call app, however, it has all the other options like talk and text to go with it. To sum up, it did nothing extra that all the rest didn’t do already, but yet it has still managed to gain a following by its unique look and UI.

It is always getting positive reviews, and this isn’t the first time it came out, but we do have a newer version called ooVoo 2.0.7 that is available for download for Android users today.

Oovoo promo


Even though this app is relatively new, it is available for use on just about every Android handset that is manufactured. There’s no limits, and it is also free to use just like most of the others are so that it remains competitive.

If you browse from the Google Play store, you can see screenshots of what it looks like. This is the best way to decide whether you want to try it or not.

The new version we have here for you today will likely consist of bug fixes and improvements. If you did notice your Smartphone or tablet playing up when using the current version, by upgrading to this new iteration you should now become problem free. That’s generally how these updates work for everybody. It’s just the way software is still in today’s world. Hopefully in the future the bugs are taken out more easily.

I’ve just downloaded and installed it now myself to take a look at it. It’s main color theme appears orange. The UI is working really smoothly. There certainly aren’t any problems from what I can see here.

The main issue with these options is that unless you know other people on the platform it is of little use to you because you need others to use it with. That makes it hard for these new companies to try to grow. If you like what you see then it’s a good idea to try to get some friends to join with you.

This one broke out big back in 2011 when it had officially made the 24 million user mark. That put it in second place behind the popular Skype that was bought by Microsoft around the same time. To put that into perspective, Skype has over 660 million users. There’s obviously a large difference between the two, but it still managed to come in second place with more users than any other making it to third place.

Get yours from the official play store link here.