Twitter has been in the news a lot of late from Samsung and Nokia having verbal disagreements with it to IPOs and even talk of a music app. I like to use Twitter a lot and would prefer to post things on it and not Facebook, and I know for a fact that a lot of the world feels the same way.

Last year they managed to push out a large update that completely tweaked the UI and changed how the application looks. This isn’t anything like that, but if you did experience anything with your current version that you felt wasn’t quite right, then that’s all the reason you need to update to this new 5.0.9 version because it will likely come with a solution for it.



If you haven’t tried the bird version of social media out at all yet, now is as good a time as ever. They seem to have cemented their existence as well as any other. I wouldn’t bet against them or Facebook going anywhere any time soon. There has even become a Twitter for non-connected phones come out. That is unheard of technology that lets users browse what is trending on Twitter without even having an internet connection. Certain parts of the world still struggle immensely with a decent connection, let alone any one at all, and if some of the features of social media can still be accessed without one that is only going to expand its reach to many great places. Even the poorest and remote places on earth still are beginning to have mobile phones in their back pockets.

If you want to download Twitter 5.0.9 for Android you can get it here from the Google Play store. You shouldn’t have any problems running this one as all it requires is Android 2.1 or above to work. In today’s day and age that covers most people, if not nearly all of them.

There is no change logs announced for this APK. Hopefully users who download the application can comment on changes that they have found. Once they do that we can make a list and include them in our notes. It is possible there will be some features included that we don’t know about.