Browsers are something that we all need to get to know for the simple fact that they’re required to browse the internet on our Smartphones with. There are lots of different ones and each year a study tells us what the usage is across the world so we can see which ones are more popular than the rest. This is often the most persuasive technique for choosing one to use yourself. Once you get more into web surfing, you can then go on and look at the rest of the competition, and you might be surprised just how many there are out there.

Take the UC browser, for example, that many people would not have heard of. It has been specifically made for using on mobile devices, it is super quick and gives a simple option to save things. Because we don’t get the luxury of working off of a WiFi signal when we are away from the house, having a fast browser is paramount for a good web experience. There’s nothing worse than having a page that is taking a long time to load due to bad reception and poor speeds. The least we can do is try to make this as fast as possible by not adding anything extra that takes a long time to load on top of the existing problem. That’s why getting in on this new version of the UC 9.5.0 for Android is a good idea.

UC Browser


A big part of surfing the web for phones is applications. This new version makes apps easier than ever to find and download. As they are looking to expand, they have also created a home screen widget so that users can open it up and use it easier. On top of that, there are the usual improvements that will make it even more stable than the last build, and if you personally were experiencing any technical difficulties with the software, those bugs should now be fixed so there aren’t any problems going forward.

One of the selling points was that it is free for all to download just like all the rest of the good browsers are. You can get your copy from the Google Play store from this link.

It recently saw a big update on the Windows Phone last month that brought in a better website navigation system, along with much better functionality. This version for Android should now be a step ahead of that. People on the Windows mobile platform reported in as very happy with what they had been given.