Technology is funny, but sometimes it’s best not to judge until you know the full story. If you found it bizarre that Google didn’t have images showing inside of emails after they were opened and couldn’t understand why, it was because that they weren’t considered secure enough. Past rumors were about speed and just general appearance, but neither of these has turned out as the truth. Now that the Mountain View company has found a way to make everything 100% safe and with good security, users will now immediately see the images turned on automatic all the time once they download and install this new version of Gmail 4.7.2. The link is found attached at the end of this post.


The pictures that we are talking about are the ones inside of the email attachments themselves and not your contact list profile images. Up until now, if there was a picture shown it would ask you if you wanted to show it. To go ahead with this, you would then need to click the writing that doubles as a link and it would then pop up. Now that writing will be gone, and the picture will be there as standard.

Google road sign

This should make people who use the popular email client happier after they received news not long ago that it would be coming with ads in the future. Advertisements can really rub people the wrong way, and although I’m normally a fan of them, I must admit that in your daily email app, they are a bit of a pain because of their slow loading times. See the Yahoo Messenger service after you login for a prime example. Google made theirs slightly better due to the fact that they appeared only in the promotions folder and not just as soon as the user logs in from the very start.

We’ve seen three big updates for this service in the last six months for Android devices. This marks the fourth and the first since 2014. Prior to that point, the big news was hearing about how Google, Babel was coming inside of Gmail. This was an area that incorporated chat, messenger for Google+ hangouts plus G voice.

Download the APK file from this link.