Beats Music is a brand new streaming service for music that isn’t launched yet. AT&T will offer a free 90 day trial of the service as a promo to all customers. All that they will need to do is be running on a family account that uses up multiple lines. If users like what they have been given, then they can sign up to the $14.99 monthly subscription that will let them keep it going after the trial runs out.

Right now, the talk is that beats will launch on the 21st of January for everybody. It will come out for iOS, Android and Windows phone. Custom playlists are where this new streaming app will thrive. They think they have come up with a new way to get it done, and it will be easier and better for everybody to use. They’re all obviously going to say that before the release, but the world is already acting as if that rumor is true if vibes in the air were anything to go by.

Beats Logo

The way it works is by creating a “tapping genre”. The more you tap on the screen will mean that you like it more. That, in turn, will then sort out what kind of music you like best to then give you music you should enjoy. In theory, it sounds like a good system that could have a lot of success, but music isn’t that simple for everybody. For instance, you couldn’t just assume I’m going to like a band that is in the same genre. My musical tastes just aren’t that simple.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the name Beats either. Their president has been very outspoken in the build up to the release, and we already knew coming into Q4 of 2013 that they planned on releasing the application for several HTC phones.

September also saw them buy back their own stake in the company from HTC. This move might have appeared silly for HTC on the outside looking in, but it at least gave them a short-term gain last year instead of recording an operating loss.