An interesting chart was put together by the crew over at technology review, which shows each bit of tech and its company, and how quickly it grew to become what it was and/or is. If that sounded confusing try this: Since the Nintendo Wii came out it received 100 million users. Since the PS3 came out it got 78 million users. This is small in comparison to the two highest one’s in the technology space: iOS came in at 700 million and Android eclipsed everybody at 1 billion. Nothing has grown so fast in the history over a 5 year period. Its closest rival was Facebook which did manage to get over the 1 billion mark, but not as quickly.

Interestingly, it is the mobile platform that has taken up most of the chart. Even the likes of Symbian are ranked very highly.

In terms of countries this is China that has a big dominance over the rest of the world, more than doubling the United States of America. Double down once again and you will have India and then Japan, and Indonesia is close behind them. Russia, the UK, Germany, Korea and France make up the rest of the list. Honorable mentions going to Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

Via: Technology Review