Latency is a word used regularly inside of the tech space, whether it is for phone carriers or for websites, to describe a period of downtime or lag in the air. As time goes on we expect these types of things to get better, and often they are the inner workings we don’t know about, rather than some special feature we haven’t seen before that we envision being worked on instead.

Until today we weren’t really given any idea what was the best for the carriers across America. Just to be clear, this test that was carried out isn’t to do with how many times they have mistakes, but just how quickly the latency periods are every time. Every single time you use the device, it has a period of latency — that is what this graph below shows.

The test was done by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile and it was T-mobile that took out the win by a narrow margin over Verizon.

The results don’t mean to rush out and change mobile carriers, however. The differences were very small. Each time was measured in milliseconds, and there were only about 5 milliseconds between 1st place and last. Still, for testing purposes, it was very interesting to see the results. As far as the human eye and mind go, there would not be a noticeable difference and all hold very good times.

Via: Fierce Wireless