We’ve well documented Lenovo’s ambitions to expand overseas before 2015, and it seems like their early efforts are already managing to pay dividends. Q3 of 2013 has seen a 36% increase in all things that they make including PC, tablets and Smartphones. Just for Smartphones alone the shipments had risen up by 64% over the same period of 2012.

Those are some very encouraging numbers considering Lenovo is still only just beginning to tap into the eventual market they want is over in the United States. They do make good quality products, and we are expecting this trend to continue as they make more and more devices to an international market.

While the phones are where we hear all the talk, the tablets have been big for them this year. Two that have been released in as many months were the Miix and the S5000. September saw talks of them possibly merging with popular laptop makers, ASUS, but they broke down. That was soon followed in quick succession by the release of the Lenovo Vibe X which still has sales rolling in well today.

Via: Lenovo