If you are subscribed to Vodafone down under in Australia then you will now be given double the amount of data compared to what your contract states. Vodafone doesn’t have the best reputation for service in many places in Australia, but they have come up with this new plan at a time when many of its Aussie competitors are doing the exact opposite.

We’ve recently seen over in the U.S what a big impact these kind of special deals can do to help move along a phone carrier, and Vodafone are hoping the same thing happens to them.

“We have increased our data allowances this year, while the others have sat on their hands or gone backwards.” The executive adds, “Our customers have a huge appetite for social media, photo sharing, watching videos and streaming music and we want to give them the freedom to do that.”

“We are super keen for new customers to try out our brand-new 4G network and take advantage of the amazing data speeds on offer, and give our existing customers the freedom to surf the web to their heart’s content – without worrying about receiving a massive bill.”

The two bits of texts are from the CMO of Vodafone in Australia, Kim Clarke.

All you need to get in on the deal is to have a plan of some description. The plans are 1 or 2 years, or even monthly. If it is the monthly one you are on then you get the chance to use it over the next 24 months.

Via: TechRadar