Thanks to a leaked bit of information from a source, Best Buy will apparently pick up the Sprint version of the Nexus 5 on November the 8th. This is the day that we already know is the launch date that it goes on sale. With that bit of news we are able to put two and two together and say that Best Buy will have this one right off the bat. The leak presumably comes from a Best Buy manager, or someone of a similar description. That’s not a bad spy to have either, because they probably wouldn’t lose their job over it compared to if it was an employee of the phone carrier or manufacturer.

The downside, if there is one, would be that you might need a few extra penny’s in your pocket, because Sprint isn’t as big a name as some of its competitors and later they have been known to charge a few extra dollars. Try not to hold it against them though, because it’s more like the other ones are capable of dropping the price lower to try to kill off its competition like Sprint and the other smaller carriers.

There’s talk of the T-Mobile release being November the 20th which gives good time for Sprint to make some sales.

For those of you into aftermarket parts, the Nexus 5 already developed an unlocked boot loader and a root method to go along with it 3 days ago. There’s more than one way to do this, and we have covered multiple ways here on the site.

We also showed the drop test today.