If a company wants to follow a success module, Android’s would be the one that deserves a look at the most. In the tough times that many of us are facing financially, if companies can give consumers as much quality for as little amount of money as possible, then that should equate to as much success as possible. Apple is an exception to that list, but they did pioneer the industry, and as such, had already developed a strong and faithful following.

Today, a press photo leaked that shows an unnamed handset that looks a part of the Windows Phone range. If you take a look at the side of the phone, you will notice it is a dual-SIM. That has led us to believe that we could be seeing a Nokia Asha 504 because it follows the same familiar shape, but could offer better specs than we usually see from the budget series. The Asha Smartphones already exists in the 502 and 503 range. They have never looked great, but they have always been cheap, and the hardware has been well-worth the asking price. Last year’s models did manage to look better than they normally do, and the Asha series has looked on the up.

Taking a look at the renders here, this black plastic device looks even better than any of the others, and we could be seeing a new inclusion that will be better than the usual two exiting phones in the range to date.

These phones don’t run on Windows as an operating system, but it is the Microsoft company that bought out Nokia, so they essentially own these phones. The OS is unique to the Asha name and offers a similar, but better experience than the Symbian.

Although known as a good value, they were criticized for being not good enough, and some reviews were advising people to spend extra money on another mobile because the rewards would be greater. That could be something that Nokia has picked up and a reason to make a better version which we are seeing here.