For mobile gaming, I like to keep my apps simple. Having them too complex, like I prefer to see on the consoles, gives me an experience I don’t really enjoy. It’s for that reason that many of the old-school classic names are some of my favorite applications to play because of the way they were so simple but yet effective.

Anything that resembles Space Invaders has me interested, and even more so if it comes free to download. It’s said that this game Space Shooter X is actually inspired by the old game called Raiden, but they all offer a very similar experience of an arcade style airplane shooting bullets in space.

It does manage to separate itself from the competition enough to be considered by all to download. It has enemies that are completely different in the way they look and act and the background are something that stand out more than usual, with planets being visible often. This can sometimes get in the way of being able to see the enemy ships as well as you might if it wasn’t so detailed, but it’s something I am willing to sacrifice to have better graphics.

The other cool thing is that you get to take on the world in an online type experience where there is a world-wide Leaderboard on display for you to try and challenge.

This app is only available for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8. It’s a huge disappointment for those on the Android and iOS, like myself, who were really keen to give this one a try. It’s very unusual to see Windows mobile exclusive games because normally developers opt to go to where the money is, which typically is towards the other mobile phone platforms instead. It’s possible that the Microsoft based company offered a large enough sum of money that they couldn’t refuse, and that’s how it’s resulted this way. We all know how much Microsoft is trying to boost the app on their phones to try to get people to shift platforms towards them.

Download: Windows Phone