There’s so many different technology products on the market today that most of us will know somebody that has something that they don’t and vice versa. The good Samaritans among us will lend a helping hand and allow people we know to borrow or loan out appliances that others might want to use.

What could be seen as another version of a notes app has come up with the original idea of giving users a place where they can take down entries of who has been given what and on what date it was exchanged. There is even a place to enter the expected time away and who it is that has it.

When I read more and more about this application, I start to picture the older generation with it rather than people around my age. Having said that, some of the older crew may take a particular liking to it, and I always love to see that generation getting involved with apps more instead of ignoring their existence. They aren’t going anywhere, and the people aren’t either. There’s plenty of time to understand applications better and start realizing the potential they have in helping you instead of annoying you.

I will be recommending Who’s Got My Stuff for WP8 to my parents, and I’m sure they will pass it along to people they know if they enjoy it. The only problem is that not many people in that age group know any other word except for the iPhone when it comes to Smartphones, so the user-base may start off slim.

Download WGMS for Windows Phone 8 from here.