The new Xbox 360 dashboard begins to roll out today for over three million Xbox 360 gaming consoles around the globe. The new Xbox 360 dashboard will be a gradual thing for users to notice, so if you don’t notice any difference just yet don’t worry, the change is coming soon. It’s normal to see big changes in software to take effect gradually to make sure they iron out any kinks before they get exposed to the entire world. Facebook is a good example of another big company that performs the gradual routine every time they make an update.

The new Xbox 360 Dashboard update is a big one for the console company. It will feature a completely revamped UI giving user’s a different dashboard compared to what they have ever seen before. The update will also include an Internet Explorer browser, the new Xbox Music feature (say goodbye to the old Zune) and more.


The rest of the update will include improvements to current features with efficiency and simplicity being the target of design. Users can also expect a much better bang out of their buck for the Xbox Live experience. It’s not cheap to be a Xbox Live gold member and if you’re not making a nice bundle of cash every month it could previously be understandable to throw away the subscription and wait until you need it; now however, you might struggle doing that.

Users can now expect to find a huge range of television and high-def movies to choose from while they give their gaming a rest. Yes, they had services like this previously but you couldn’t stream and watch with the click of a button.

Another feature of the new Xbox 360 dashboard worth noting is the pin feature. Pin all your favourite TV shows, movies, games etc to the dashboard for easy access whenever you want it.

OK, I’ve told you a few good features so far but the best I have saved for last. For years now I have wondered why in the world I cannot surf the web on my Xbox 360. Even with a gold membership there is no browsing available. Now, with the new update user’s now have Internet Explorer built-in so they can surf the web as much as they want. It’s an inclusion that makes the Xbox so much sweeter. Whether you’re an Internet Explorer fan or not, a browser is a browser, and of course it was always going to have to be Internet Explorer because it is owned by Microsoft just like the Xbox 360.

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