Facebook hasn’t been without its problems of late with spam growing stronger and stronger to  point where it seems Facebook almost has no control over. Mark Zuckerbergs’ Facebook IPO didn’t exactly make a huge splash in the market either, but one thing you can’t criticize Facebook on is the constant will to develop the site; bringing in fresh new changes constantly as the years roll by.

The latest update is one that many Facebook users will you – the ability to now use emoticons in a Facebook news feed post. You still can’t use the Facebook emoticons in the actual original post, but once someone has laid down an original post, you can then use emoticons when you attach a comment onto it.
It’s fast becoming a familiar thing for Facebook to adopt this strategy and why I’m not exactly sure. It’s the same deal as when Facebook brought out the feature that allows user’s to edit a post. You can’t actually edit the original post, however you can edit anything that is attached to the original post.


It’s obviously some sort of strategy by Facebook to deploy this method. Why? I’m not sure, but i doubt it’s because Facebook don’t have the skills to make it happen. More like one of those things that ten steps in advance and there’s a conflict of some sort. The kind of issue that hurts the brain to bother thinking about.

As you may well know, emoticons comes in all different styles depending on the brand that is using them. For example, the yahoo emoticons and very different to the MSN emoticons. Although, maybe someone forgot to tell Facebook that. The new Facebook emoticons draw a striking resemblance to the MSN emoticons which, I’m sure, won’t go down well over there.

There’s a whole bunch of emoticons you can use at this point. Basically, all of the emoticons that could be used in Facebook chat up until now.