Google’s Chromebook was first released last year and didn’t see much popularity amongst consumer figures, now the company from Mountain View is trying its hand on the all new ultra-slim Samsung Chromebook, which so far has done everything to impress consumers; especially with the $249 price tag associated with it.

The new Samsung Chromebook will be on display for consumers to get a taste of early, with 500 specially made kiosks to be popping up around North America that will allow people to give it a trail run.


It’s a sign that Google believe that they are on to something with the latest Samsung Chromebook. With less than stellar results in their first attempt it will be hard to get consumer to jump at the product without a hands on experience first, and if it does have a lot to offer why not give it.

For those not lucky enough to standing in front of one of the 500 specially crafted Google kiosks, we’ll break down all the information that’s become available on the new Samsung Chromebook.

The price is undoubtedly the main attraction with the Samsung Chromebook, especially considering the specs it manages to hold. Whilst being considerably lighter, thinner and better looking (even if it does look a bit like a netbook) the new Chromebook does manage to have an impressive ratio of goodies for the size and price.

Don’t expect the specs under the hood to beat the powerful Chromebooks Google unveiled earlier on in the year, but for a much cheaper option, Google have set up the new Chromebook to be more like an additional services PC that manages to kick out 1080p at 30fps of the 11.6 inch display without a problem.

“So if you ever felt it was too complicated and too expensive to have an additional computer (or two), we hope you (and the entire family) will give the new Chromebook a try,” Google’s senior vice president said in today’s official blog post.