NBA fans will no doubt know that the NBA pre-season is already on us like white on rice as Mark Jackson would say – if that even made sense I’m not quite sure; I just wanted to say it.

Utah Jazz forward, Jeremy Evans goes coast to coast after a big block on Ronny Turiaf then slams it down hard all in his wrong hand.


The man who is now being dubbed as the Ronny Turiaf part owner (Evans) was relatively unknown before this monster play went down the other night against the Clippers in L.A.

He did become famous previously for his dunking talents when he took out this years Sprite slam dunk contest held in Orlando late February 2012.

Evans was the 55th overall pick in the 2010 draft and should get a chance to showcase his stuff more this off season at least.

Viewer can get the chance to watch Evens in action against the Clippers again this Saturday evening – this time back in Utah.