The age of the round Smartphone — that is where we are according to popular manufacturers, Samsung. It’s also at a time where many skeptics are calling it a bit of a fad era. Sure, the curved — or round — screens are amazing in their own right, but if they are surrounded by a hard casing still, then what exactly is the point of them? All we are getting is a slightly ’rounded’ mobile now instead of the usual flat shape that doesn’t have any real benefit, even when we are handling them and attempting to contour them to our faces.

That all sounds like I’m against flexible displays when I’m really not. In fairness, I’m really looking forward to the time period when the mobile in its entirety can be moved.

It seems even Samsung is having trouble justifying this one, and their latest ad on the new Galaxy Round tries to tell a tale of why it is only natural to have a round phone in your hands, if no other reason is thought of.

This ad has made its way to TV screens on the same day that competitors, LG have come out an launched their own version — the LG G Flex.

All of the companies competing in this new era of screen technology have used different names for it, but essentially is all made the same way. All devices will still be unique and offer different specs and dimensions.