With so many heads being buried in Smartphones these days, HTC had the idea of creating a new feature called Blinkfeed. What this did was try to lay everything out in one place for easy access via the home screen.

Believe it or not, HTC made this a default setting for all three of the HTC One phones — One, Mini and the Max — because they liked the idea so much. As with anything, not everybody was happy with it and they wanted to turn it off. That wasn’t so simple either because there wasn’t any option to do this. Some users found ways to bypass it via hacks, but there were no settings where this could be achieved simply.

Now, though, if you’re using Sense 5.5, thankfully there is a way.

Not all One phone’s will have Sense 5.5 yet because it is coming with the latest update. Some of you will have it already, and if you don’t, then just update your phone when you get the chance. It will prompt you through the settings to do this. Once you have it here is what to do:

“The only thing you need to do is to pinch-in while at your home screen. This will bring up the shortcuts and widgets menu. It’s the same menu that allows you to change the default home screen panel. Now, in Sense 5.5, there’s a “Blinkfeed off” button in the upper-left corner of that screen. Press it, and Blinkfeed will be forever gone.”

This just demonstrates another reason about why updates are so important: they give the manufacturers the chance to make changes and adaptations to avoid really big messes. We say it was a good idea they changed their minds on this one.