The NBA’s fast paced nature has referee’s frequently checking the sidelines for video footage of earlier plays. Up until now this was done with rather outdated, flat screens — nowhere near as bad as the NFL screens look still to this day mind you.

It seems David Sterns has had enough of the old look and decided it’s time for an upgrade. Negotiations have taken place for a while where the NBA would now like to use tablets instead of the TV’s.

Today talks on both sides have officially finished and Samsung will be supplying the NBA with what they need for a price of $100 million.

The new deal is a three-year contract and it still will include some television usage on the side. But stepping into the tablet side of things is a never seen before feat for the national basketball association. More than likely they will use these to try to fasten up the speed of the game more. It should also help with them not having to bend over with their backs facing the camera like the old days.

The NBA season kicks off this Wednesday for many of the league teams.

If you thought $100 M sounds like a hefty price tag, you’re not wrong. There are reports that the NBA also have “customized video” for owners of Samsung tablets also in the works.