On the official release post for the new firmware, I ranted about the two massive flaws which were found inside of the earlier versions of iOS 7 that the iOS 7.0.2 was meant to fix. Well, it did technically fix those issues, however, it seems another one has popped up.

Whenever a new feature is integrated, such as the fingerprint sensor, there’s always some things that need adjusting and working on, but to have 3 big vulnerabilities found in as many weeks and on different firmware versions would be sure to gripe the Cupertino company reps and workers.

You could argue that if Apple didn’t have such a stern following that these vulnerabilities would never be found. When taking a look at what’s needed to take advantage of the exploit, you sometimes have to wonder how on earth they came up with these things.

This one in particular seems to be the most technical of them all. None-the-less, it is a kink in the software giant’s armor that needs ironing out sooner than later — especially when it has gone viral and people will be doing it to others as a party trick.

With two firmware upgrades in the last week, it’s hard to believe Apple has another one just around the corner for the current flagship iPhone 5S. Having said that, if they want this hole gone, they will need to come up with something and quick.

The video below was posted by the smart man who managed to find the exploit this time around. It will show you exactly how it’s done.