Here’s some news you might have hoped you would never see: Apple is no longer letting you downgrade from iOS 7 back to iOS 6. If your jaw didn’t just drop to the floor, it should have.

At the end of the American summer Apple released its latest reiteration and overhaul of the OS by producing the 7th version. They’re happy with it, even if you aren’t and believe me there have been many complaints. But let’s be honest, when aren’t there ever complaints after a new firmware is released? Some were always going to love it, and for others, it was going to take a lot of getting used to it before their views took a turn for the better. No matter your views iOS 7 is here to stay, and once Apple finally iron most of the kinks out of its armor, they’ll be hoping you like it too.

iOS 7 is vastly different to iOS 6 and a big change from anything before it. In its new animation heavy state, Apples latest firmware will no longer support any of the older devices dated back before the iPhone 4. Unfortunately, that leaves many hot under the sun and in the middle of no man’s land if you won something like the iPhone 3GS or the 3G. But that doesn’t mean that somebody with an iPhone 5 that has upgraded to the latest iteration of the software and hates it, I wouldn’t want to trade places with you right this instant.

The reason being is because Apple have officially stopped signing off on the older firmware, so even if you did find a way to technically downgrade, there will be nothing there waiting for you like iTunes, or any of the great services, once you get there. There is no way out of it and there is no hacker or developer that can do anything about it to try to fix it. If you’ve gone up to iOS 7 you aren’t coming back down.

I have well documented some recent struggles I have found on iOS7 from my own personal use so even I will not tell you that it is perfect. Because it was a big difference in operating system since iOS 6 is it was only ever going to come with it is flaws. Nonetheless, that does not indicate I do not love it to bit and if you wanted my advice I would say make the change to the latest Apple software right away. If you would like a more comprehensive write-up and added extra reason to switch check out my post here on how you can be running both iOS 6 and 7 at once!