The latest iPhone 5S has run hot off the shelves, so hot in fact that Apple are really struggling to keep up with demand. That is surprising given the fact that many people were left a little disappointed in the Cupertino companies’ latest flagship phone efforts, which didn’t really have anything fantastic other than the fingerprint scanner to get exited about.

If you are one of the people who can’t be bothered waiting for Apple to send your beloved new phone out to you — especially if it’s the gold color option you want because they are running really thin — then there is another option you may be interested in checking out. Now users who own the old iPhone 5 can send it away and get it transformed to look like the latest iPhone 5S. It won’t end up being anything like the 5S with the fingerprint sensor, or any of the internal hardware, however, it will change the look of the mobile so it completely looks the part — at least for now.

Of course, there’s also all the people who can’t afford the new one just yet, and rightfully so, because it does come with a hefty price tag, especially if you aren’t planning on going on a plan. Having said that, this upgrade kit will only set you back around $20.

Currently there is only one website which has the link to this special service. You can head there via this link. The bad news is that it will need your precious device being sent over to the UK to get the new look done. That will take some time. How much time is something you will have to ask them before you place the order, but if I were to guess, it must be at least a week. The good news is that they take shipments from right around the globe from what we can see.

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