Still on the prowl for an iPhone and have some extra money to burn? Struggling to choose a color option? Then why not let the elements do the talking instead!

Now you can buy the iPhone 5S in 24kt gold, as well as other options, such as rose gold and platinum if the chrome look is more your thing.

Unfortunately, this isn’t available from your everyday retail outlet. Instead, you will have to pop into the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi over the next weekend where they will be on display for the World Luxury Expo, which as the name suggests, plays home to some of the finer things in life.

This work doesn’t actually come from Apple themselves, but rather a company called Gold & Co, London, who have a knack for picking up the great products and them embedding them in the finest quality outer layers.

All three of these devices will be revealed over the weekend at the show. Once they’re unveiled, they will then be able to be purchased from the brand name who come out of London, UK, where they can be pre-ordered by the public. So, yes, they will be available in numbers, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be within your budget. These fancy phones aren’t expected to come cheap. There is no official price tag as of yet, but last year’s efforts, which was gold-plated, had the price of around $5000 slapped on it. The price will comed with the devices over the weekend at the launch event. If it isn’t within your budget, then you may have to just stare at the pictures for now.

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