Every time there is a new iPhone release, there’s always some crazy footage of it surfacing within a few weeks later. This time around, nothing is different, and better yet, it could be the best treatment we’ve ever seen the iPhone cop — as long as you don’t mind seeing it be ripped to shreds that is.

Ever wondered how the new iPhone 5S bodes after being dropped in water? What about seeing it being dropped on two different types of surfaces? Or, if that isn’t your thing, maybe you would prefer to watch it being shot with a 50 caliber military gun?

Contrary to popular belief, these stunning visuals aren’t done purely for kicks. They are also done to see how well the iPhone stacks up for research purposes, if you are willing to believe that. Although we have a good idea who would end up second best in the gun battle, some of the other results from the test might surprise you a little. All results come with either a pass or fail grade, even if sometimes met with a bit of humor.

Warning: This video is not for the faint hearted; particularly if you are itching to get your hands on one of the gold iPhone’s, because that is exactly what is featured in this clip. The owners are saying they feel the need to use the best of the best in the video, because that’s what it deserved.