Today’s news has broken about how much money it costs Apple to manufacture the new range of iPhones. To make the iPhone 5S, the total cost was $200. For the iPhone 5C the end cost was $170.

When Apple started making the iPhone 5C and leaks began to appear, the first impression was that the Cupertino company was trying to create something fun and to possibly kill the Nokia Lumia buzz which had started to rise. Traditionally the Windows Phone has been the colorful one to date. Then it was known that the new iPhone was a budget version, so the next thing that came to mind was that it was trying to win back what Android seemed to be stealing — so much of the market share. The main reason Android was being so successful was because they have so many devices, many of which were cheap and cheaper than the flagship iPhone.

Then, as we drew closer to the Apple event reports surfaced of this being more of a business venture for Apple, which resulted in cheap recycled parts from the old iPhone 5 being used in the new iPhone 5C and thus being the way of the new prophet.

The end results are shoppers paying around $740 for the budget version and well over $100 for the flagship model.