Apple’s latest iPhone flagship device — the iPhone 5S — and the budget variant — the iPhone 5c — have sold 9 million copies already. With it, comes an increased waiting period for those who have ordered. This isn’t anything new, in fact, it is quite common for blogs to gauge the success of an item by looking at its estimated time or arrival. If it’s coming within 3 days, much like the cheaper mobile was, then you can expect less than Stella sales results.

As of now, shipping holds have dropped right back, and because of this, Apple are now offering in store pick options for selected retailers around the world. That means that if you find a store near you that has them in stock, you can place an order online and pick up the device from the store. It doesn’t mean you can simply walk in and out with it, but it does reduce stress off of Apple’s shipments and will get the end-user the device quickly that it would have been able to before.

This new purchase option will be available for both types of the iPhone and not just the 5S. It is worth noting, however, that the S is in higher demand compared to the C; roughly three times the amount, in fact.

If it is the C you are after then there shouldn’t be much of a wait when getting it shipped for an order anyway. The same can’t be said for the S version, where you would be waiting well into the next month now. For many, this is simply too long to wait.

It has also been reported that the gold iPhone 5S is the most sought after product out of the different choices. Because of this, Apple has started producing more of them, but that won’t begin to take a load off of the orders until at least several weeks from now.