Some have grown a bit wary of the iPhone “S” releases and have been a bit bored with what the Cupertino company are producing, even when you tell them 100 times over that the S version only ever has 1 new feature in the same body, but if the current figures are anything to go by, Apple won’t be too displeased at the moment.

Figures which have just come to light showcase that the new iPhone’s — including both the 5S & 5C — have broken records in terms of units sold, with over 9 million going out of shops. Moreover, the new iOS 7 Apple software has been upgraded by over 200 million people already, making it the fastest changeover of iPhone firmware in history to date for the very first iPhone in 2007.

Ever since day one when citizens found out that the budget iPhone 5C was basically exactly the same as last years iPhone 5, it seemed as though it was a mobile that was going to struggle. So far that has been true with about 1/3 less plastic fantastic units sold compared to the flagship, more expensive, iPhone 5S. A big part of that could also be attributed to the new fingerprint sensor feature, which is not included in the budget variant. There are also parts of the world where plans are choice and there is no difference in price so there is no point bothering with a cheaper device. This is an issue I’m still amazed exists, but I can assure you it does.

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