The iPhone 5S has been so popular since its release ten days ago that orders are being pushed back by a long way. Now you can expect to wait several weeks from the moment you order it to the time it will be ready for you to pick it up. What’s worse is if you want the gold one, because that is tenfold more popular than any of the others.

If we go back to last week, you might remember a post I did about a short cut you can do which would involve sending your current iPhone 5 away to look like a 5s instead. If you didn’t want to wait or if you didn’t have enough money for the new iPhone this was a great solution — as long as you could do without your iPhone for a while, because it would need to be shipped away.

Now there’s an even better way that you can either transform your current one or change the 5S from gray, white or black into gold by using a simple $2 sticker/decal. For 2 bucks it works remarkably well and the result looks fairly convincing. You can see what I mean by taking a look at the picture posted below.

This idea has been found out by the Taobao [dot] com website. While we aren’t exactly sure which Asian country this exactly is, we do know that it seems like the Asian region that you will need to order the sticker from. The good part is you won’t need to get your mobile sent away for to get this done, which means you can keep using it and just wait for the sticker to arrive in the mail. The downside is it will be you that is putting the decal on the phone, so you will not want to stuff it up. For that reason, you might want to order a few. At such as cheap price, it’s a good idea anyway.