Back well before the iPhone release, some big names were reporting the iPhone’s coming to boost mobile sometime during Q3. Now that quarter 3 is over, we can see that was not the case at all. This has left many people a little uncertain about what to do with their current plans.

If you are a loyal boost mobile customer and want the iPhone 5S or 5C there is great news; thanks to a leaked advertisement that shows off the flagship and budget iPhone’s, it seems the partnership is all but confirmed and will be a full go ahead.

As it stands there is no official release date for the two mobiles to hit boost, however, if we were to take a calculated guess, it will be sooner than later. These kind of leaks typically happens close to the launch of the ads, which means it will be shown within a week or 2. Furthermore, once the ad starts you can expect the phone to be out very soon after, because these campaigns run at the same time.

The source of the leaks is Evleaks and they do a great job at being spotted on the money for the most part. This year they have been flawless with every leak we have spotted from them. You can check out the two posters depicting the ads.

(Source: @evleaks)