Mystery Manor should become a popular game rather quickly. It is a puzzle game but it isn’t tower defense or straight forward psychics for Gameplay.

Mystery Manor not only steps outside the normal Genre of Puzzle gaming, but it also guarantees user’s that it’s game play is endless, yes endless! To infinity and beyond. The Mystery Manor game also looks fantastic every step of the way, with amazing artwork and graphics that make it clear lots of time has been spent coming up with a specific early 2000 late 90′s type of adventure gaming experience.


The game isn’t exactly all out action packed but it does have a great story line that can be appealing for all ages. Another interesting element to the Mystery Manor game is the inclusion of the multiplayer aspect. It allows gamers to include their friends, or anyone, to team up and tackle the game together. A different type of multiplayer game that works really well, because after all, we all like to tackle problems with someone else around.

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