It’s time for school again and technology has a big part than before. From March of 2012, Pew Research Center says that 23 % of 12 to 17 year-olds have a smartphone and 54 % has the regular kind. And maybe, that percentage gas gone up. So why not get some advantage? Instead of games, try saving enough space for useful apps? With the right apps, your kid will have a breeze at school. Here are some cool back to school apps for iOS and Android.


The Life 360 Family Locator

With a minimum of $5/ month subscription, you will be able to check where your kids are and provide you with peace of mind. This cool app lets you track everyone in your family. It could also tell you about potential threats and local safety points. And for a bonus, it allows you to start group chats or conference calls.


It’s a very useful app considering it’s a cloud storage. Here’s a great app to lessen the chance of your kids forgetting their homework. You can save photos and documents and synchronize them from your laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone. There’s a 2GB memory free for using a basic account. Here’s the bonus, you get 500MB extra from referring someone else to use Dropbox .


Good with numbers? No? well, here’s a good deal for you. For $20, you can afford a serious comprehensive math app. Afraid that you might not get the service you paid for? Don’t worry, because it’s capable of many things like basic calculator abilities, algebra, 3D graphing, statistics and more. The best thing about this app is, it does not need an internet connection.


Just like Dropbox, Evernote lets you create notes with photos, text and even voice recordings. It’s handy and it’s free. You can do detailed class notes and a to-do-list. Synchronization to computers, tablet and laptop.

Wolfarm Alpha

It’s able to provide you huge variations of information as well as computational knowledge. Yes, it makes calculations for you. It has a big knowledge base, students might find this very useful. Unfortunately, it might take time to learn how to get the best from it. Price range are: $4 for android and $2 for iOS.

Class Buddy: Student Planner

A special app for keeping schedules. It keeps track of your classes, exams, homework, grades and more. You can synchronize it will Google Calendar and has import and export features. Unfortunately, this cool app is for Android only. It’s handy and it’s also free.

Student T.A

It’s a planner app. It has a time manager tool that gives alerts prior to your schedule. It offers lots of customization options and useful features. A bonus for users are the nice range of customizable themes to make it your own. It’s free and only available on iOS.

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