Recent news broke of the YouTube app no longer existing a while back, and while this was perceived as a real downer by many some good news has followed. That being owner’s of YouTube, Google, have now released their very own YouTube app that is now available to be downloaded for iPhone and iPod Touch. A direct link is provided below for the new YouTube app from the app store. If you’re interested in reading more about the YouTube app you can do so after the jump.

One thing worth noting is that iOS 6 is still not even available and Google has this YouTube app out already leaving fans nothing to worry about. There’s no need to miss any YouTube watching at all. Now you’re probably all worried about losing all of your old things from the old YouTube app such as subscriptions, channels etc. but don’t be because Google has managed to link over all of your pre-existing profiles to the new app so everything will still be there for you after you download the new version.


And of course, they’ve manged to improve a few things a long the way too. Like navigating around your file and through subscriptions has taken a overhaul, all designed to make your browsing easier and functionality better. Other features worth taking note of are toggling back and forth from previous videos has been made much simpler and integration of the popular social networking buttons like Google+1 Twitter and Facebook so you can share what you’re doing with the touch of a button.

Download the official YouTube app from the App store

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