After just finishing talking about the Moto X press event, I mentioned in the article of some images coming up. Well, these are the images I was talking about. The first image is the image which was given out to everybody who received an invite to the press event.

That in itself was a bit of a surprise as many were only expecting to see it first via the unveiling. However, the image that shocked me the most was one I got from Artem’s Facebook page which he states “Hello Moto”. The image is indeed a Moto X, however, I have no clue as to how he managed to get his mitts on it.

This mobile is going to be a mid marketers dream come true. Sure, it’s stats won’t pop eyes, but it is feature packed and heavily customizable. Those are two words, most Android fans want to hear and when you’re talking about a company which was recently acquired by Google; it’s clear what their intentions are here. They really want to break into the market that is so heavily dominated by Samsung Galaxy devices.

If this works out the way Motorola and Google hopes to may well be the first of very many phones coming. That would be bad news for Samsung, but would also create heaps of cool devices for guys like us. At the end of the day competition is always good for consumers and with a suffering economy, it’s rare to find a Mr money bags. For that reason this device is expected to get a lot of ‘yay’ rather than nay.

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