This is great news for any of you that have been hanging out for the announcement on the Moto X and believe me, there are a few. It’s a great time for the new Motorola Mobility campaign, which really hadn’t kicked out anything at all noteworthy to this point. This device from what I’ve seen so far could be one to keep an eye on if you plan on going shopping any time soon.

It’s been rumored for a while now, and leaks had appeared, but now the official launch date has been sent out by the company as invitations. The date set will be the 1st of August with the event to be held in New York.

The Moto X is being talked about on almost every corner of the mobile sphere right now. About the only negative I’ve managed to come across when talking about this device is that somebody wishes it had higher specs and that they would be willing to splurge out more dollars. That may be missing the point somewhat when it comes to Motorola’s new Moto X which is designed to be cheap, yet have something revolutionary about it.

The word revolutionary may seem over the top, but it does promise to have more context-aware features than any Android device in existence. That’s a huge deal. On top of that, you get a mobile that is free from custom skin bloat.

What it lacks in hardware it really makes up for in looks. I’ll be posting some epic pics of this thing courtesy of Android Police in a moment after I dish out this press release so stay tuned.

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