The Android Open Kang Project (AOPK) have been quietly slaving away at this sweet new build which came to most as a complete surprise when they woke up today.

Maybe it has something to do with equaling and not to be outdone by the CyanogenMod team, or maybe it doesn’t. I’m yet to even catch a glimpse of all this Cyan talk yet! I’m sure it is not related to CM at all by the way. Lets chalk this one down as a coincidence for now. I really shouldn’t let it steal the AOKP team thunder right now either.

So what does this update bring? It’s a pretty cool update that not only has the usual bug fixes and improvements, but also so really nice new features. If you like swiping for example, you will now have a quick launch that works via swiping. Each direction will perform a different command and if you hold the swipe for longer you will have access to extra options. You have the power to set and choose which things you want to set it for. I’m sure I don’t have to mention how handy that new feature is.

Another thing to look out for which will catch many people’s eyes will be the new built-in theme that is available and with a ‘dark side’. There are other features that have been made, so go on and check it out.

One thing I forgot to mention was that the Milestone 2 has also been made available for a bunch of new devices so even more people can get in on the AOKP goodness. These devices include the likes of the Sony Xperia z, the tablet Z, the ZL, the V and T versions of the Xperia series devices also. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, there is two new devices on your list which it can be installed also. These include the galaxy Note 2 from AT&T and the S4, which you should find supported no matter the carrier for it. Last but not least, the super cool HTC One which is available from most USA carriers has also become available.

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