Something that tickles our fancy is mobile gaming devices. We should start to see a few more of this spring up in time, all-be-it in a limited market so don’t expect too much. From first glance at this baby, though, it does look kind of sweet.

The main deal here is it has now received a shipping date. That date will be the 31st of July, according to the flyer which they have released. Many people were left high and dry waiting for theirs as the original release date was pushed back. That’s always a huge bummer when you’re so excited to receive something you have been hell-bent waiting for and can’t wait to play.

Just how much of a deal was it? It was meant to start shipments way back on June 26. That’s over a full month of waiting. To make things worse, it currently over the summer time holiday period in the USA where millions of kids would love to play their games. Eek.

The official statement by the team:

We want to thank you for your patience and for sticking with us through the shipment delay of your SHIELD. We have great news to share with you – your SHIELD will ship on July 31st.

Our goal has always been to ship the perfect product, so we made sure we submitted SHIELD to the most rigorous mechanical testing and quality assurance standards in the industry. We built SHIELD because we love playing games, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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