If you’ve been reading my other posts today, you’d know I’ve been itching to finally get a minute to check out what is going on over in CyanogenMod Land. I saw a Facebook post where they had given us a teaser, but I didn’t get a second to watch it. Now, finally, I’ve taken a look and it is very interesting indeed. Before commenting any more I think I’ll show you the clip first.

Here it is:

OK, so what does it mean? I guess it could mean two different things given the fact that many of these aftermarket customization platforms know each other and are friends. Not only that, but they often base their work off of one another and include features. OK, so what am I getting at? Either we are about to see a new name/brand being released not related to CyanogenMod at all, or the Cyanogen team has come up with something new themselves. If you put some common sense into the equation you should start thinking the later. After all, why would the team be promoting someone else’s work? That leads me to a third option I had yet thought about. What about a collaboration? It’s definitely possible.

Something wicked this way comes.

Nothing can be perfect. Things can be better.

The right [person, pixel, look, path, spark, feeling, formula, taps, person (person again?), action, reaction, smile, word, music] at the right time.

The right memories.

A new challenger appears.

A New Nemesis appears.

The most interesting part to me was when the words changed from challenge to nemesis. So what exactly is a nemesis?

The inescapable or implacable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

A downfall caused by such an agent: “one risks nemesis by uttering such words”

What we know is nothing is perfect and a new nemesis appears. Are they admitting that what they previously created had issues? Have they created something better?

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