The constant back and forth between the two companies in competition can sometimes be humorous to sit back and watch. That changes to an extent when you are more of a fan of one than the other, and hope for a certain victory to appear. This more than likely sums up over millions of kids and adults currently tuned into the PlayStation v Xbox war that is still going strong.

Just which company has the stronger console is always a fraud argument. The main reason for that is you can’t simply look at the specs and decide which one performs better any more than you can look at a car engine size and judge which one will win a race. There’s just too many variables. All that and we haven’t even started talking about the price yet. That is only in regards to hardware. If we look further, it goes deeper.

Marketing and PR plays a big role in the success of a console. This is something Xbox is all too familiar with of late, when they made potential customers very upset with their “no buying of second-hand games” policy. Combine that with the likes of no gaming unless you have an online connection, and it was becoming increasingly clear just how much they had shot themselves in the foot and were left sinking behind the 8 ball. All that had happened and people hadn’t even taken a look at the TV screen to check out graphics yet.

Whether this move by the Redmond company is directly related or not, they have come out today with the announcement of a really cool, never seen before, feature. The feature I’m talking about is being able to play games before the game has finished downloading.

It today’s day and age, people don’t have a lot of spare time. The part with technology that is constantly striving for further improvements is how long something takes to finish. Whether it is a website loading, or a game, finishing it’s downloaded, we all sit back and wait for it to hurry up. This aspect plays an integral role, just as much as implementing new ideas does.

Just how Xbox are managing to make this happen, is unclear. However, you can bet that it has PlayStation is attempting to match, or better yet. Will they be able to come up with something similar? You can never count them out. Furthermore, does this bump Microsoft’s gaming console into the lead? According to statistics, Microsoft’s Xbox One was already in the lead before this news broke today.

It’s amazing how quickly one company can pick things back up, and how quickly another one can sink.