No, we are not late on the scene with this news, we just didn’t decide to cover it until we just found out that it didn’t just apply to North America, but instead shifted across the globe.

Microsoft is now offering a big price slash on the Surface RT tablet, in trying to gain more of the market. As soon as these tablets came out, the first thing that came to (my) mind was “wow, that’s expensive for a Microsoft product”. It seems the world rather felt the same way. Whether Microsoft eventually did too is another story. Regardless of the Redmond companies take, it is what it is – very cheap Surface RT is coming to a store near you.

This will no doubt have as many buyers as it will still skeptics, however, if you’ve been in the hunt for one of these, but they just weren’t affordable, then today might be a good news day for you.

So, just what is the new price tag? As the image shows, you will get around a 50% price hike if my memory serves me correct. Maybe more, maybe a little less, after all, my memory is a little lackluster.

Although it did fall behind in market share (or should I say never caught up after its late arrival), it has developed a decent report among the users. The majority of people who do own one of these babies, have reported nothing but kind words online from what I have come across. That makes this tablet fairly amazing value, even if it is a bit older than the first day it was released.