The official iOS 7 beta 3 has now been released by our favorite Cupertino company. This update seems to have good reports so far from users who have grabbed it on their devices in the past couple of hours. The earlier beta versions of iOS 7 were receiving anything but rave reviews, many going on rants across social media. Apple is making swift changes, though, and people’s tones from what I can see, are slowly changing.

When checking out the screen after downloading, Apple says that this version does come with bug fixes and improvements, as it always does. It also gives a warning that you should only install it on devices which are devoted to the beta software. Reason being, that you don’t want to be relying on it for your everyday life just yet, or until the product is ready to go.

This update is available for developers only. If you want to get your hands on a copy head over to the Apple dev’s center and sign up to become a developer.

Although it seems Apple are putting things together nicely, there is still a lot of work that needs doing. It is cool to check out if you are yet to give it a go before.