Coming to us last month was the beautiful Nexus 7 tablet. The tablet has become very popular by demand mainly due to its overwhelming specs for an underwhelming price. So much so that you could normally expect to pay over half a k for something of similar use. With the Nexus 7 however you only looking at around $199 for the entire kit and caboodle. Check out the Nexus 7 unveiling out of box after the jump.

Once the critics declare their love for a product the next thing you can expect is an unveiling or out of boxing clip to come with it, and that’s what we have here for you today. It was no exception for the Nexus 7 but this one comes with a twist. Because of the unusually difficult process involved, the popular unboxing  pro who goes by the name of  Jean-Louis Nguyen has put together a montage from many different out-of-box gadget videos to show just how much more difficult the Galaxy Nexus 7 unveiling really is.


The clip featured below shows a collection of efforts from all the popular unboxing experts for a collective group of popular websites giving their best efforts in trying to unveil this Nexus 7 tablet. While I’m not usually a fan of boasting to watch an unboxing moment this one is most certainly worth a watch even if it’s for nothing more than a bit of entertainment.
The Nexus 7 Unveiling Video:

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